VOCAL TRAINING The language of vocal improvisation

This training provides a serious answer to singers and improvisers willing to acquire a real musical language for vocal improv. And also to instrumentalist wishing to go deeper in harmonic, melodic and rhythmic consciousness and enpower their inner ear thanks to singing.

« Today I’ m happy to share with you a unic method with high-quality tools I have passionately elaborated through years of teaching specially for singers, to acquire in a simple and intuitive way a very rich and powerful language based on the fundamentals of music ».

RHYTHM : Learn to master mentally and physically a rhythmic language that will provide you total freedom and ease in any rhythmic context.( duple and triple time, assymetric bars).

HARMONIC WORK :  Thanks to the ‘ tonal harmony’ and ‘ crossmode’ work that combine a powerful eartraining, harmonic cousciousness, melodic and vocal precision, you will get free and creative in any harmonic context, specially in jazz music.

MELODIC WORK : An advanced training on all the usual jazz melodic modes that will provide you vocal precision, perfect intonation, rhythmic phrasing and velocity.





You can attend this online training from wherever you live ! 


With a one-year full access to 26 weekly videos, base and advanced level, this program offers a real step by step learning, with dedicated areas for you to repeat and acquire the language of vocal improv consistantly.


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