Circle Song is a simple and quasi-ancestral singing form, where a group of singers, placed in a circle ʻpass aroundʼ a basic motif, inspired by African, Latin, groove, traditional folk and jazz influences. The singers take turns improvising. Circle Song provides singers with an ideal context in which to listen, share, and carry out an individual study of vocal improvisation where it is possible to deal with the following aspects:


– Onomatopoeia, rhythmic phrasing
– Group (rhythmic) steadiness: knowing how to keep pace with the rhythmic pulse of the group singing different
vocal parts.
– Polyrhythmic singing: knowing how to sing a part while listening to other parts 


– Using hierarchy: learning to sing over different dynamic levels following the soloist. Hierarchising layers of
sound, with the coachʼs help, so as to reveal the full breadth of the resulting music.
– Timbre (or colour): discerning the wealth and variety of vocal timbres. The singers are led to achieving a state
of listening in which they are conscious of all the timbres at once, without losing track of their own. 


– Confronting individual improvisation over a group accompaniment
– Working with modes of collective improvisation
– the group generates its own forms structured with the ʻrules of the gameʼ.




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