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across jazz harmony,
See it, Hear it & Sing it !

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The mobile application MelodEar is for jazz musicians and singers willing to develop their melodic improvisation skills, grounded on a responsive harmonic ear.From baby steps to the most creative melodic adventures.


MelodEar is the decantation of a 15 years passionate real-life teaching process put into a practical device by David Eskenazy.

‘I love when musicians sing with their instrument, and I love when singers get instrumental with their voice. So I dreamt of a device that could offer a comprehensive training for both. Here it is : let’ s dive into it , hope you enjoy the idea !’
David Eskenazy, musician, singer, facilitator, creator of MelodEar.

At last singers have a serious voice-designed instrument to dive into the entanglements of jazz harmony.

Instrumentalists from another angle, will have the opportunity to muscle their inner hearing and connect their fingers straight to it: an infinite source of creation.

Both will consequently raise their artistic language to a new dimension.


MelodEar has a very simple work flow with 3 windows :

. The Edit window, where you can edit chords, easily choose the melodic modes, build your song.
. The Library, where you can store your songs, access pre-filled jazz standards, customize theme.
. The Session window, where the actual work is happening.

The Session window offers a unic visual medium to intuitively grasp all-in-one the melodic modes used in a chord progression, their internal intervals, the number of each note and the multiple connexions between them. ( cf screen shot n°1).

This fantastic guidance allows the user to develop their improvised melodic discourse to any direction through the chord progression. Ultimately this visual frame is only the support to a higher purpose : the audiation, and sensorial memory of the colors of the notes, modes, intervals and most of all of the multiple melodic passages from one mode to the next.

The Session window also provides a chord player & keyboard, a vocal keyboard to play the notes of the mode, a pitch recoginition highlighting the notes you sing, a fine tuner to be able to adjust your pitch, a looper to work on a specific section of the song.


‘See it, hear it & sing it !’ is the key-stone(regle de trois) of this musical approach.

‘See it’ : for a clear understanding & a secured guidance.
‘Hear it’: for a deep, reliable set of skills in real-life improv situations.
‘Sing it’ : whether you sing magnificiently or barely in-tune, your voice, fed-back with the pitch recognition of Melodear is the best reality-check of what you actually hear. It will help grounding the ear work from abstract to pure physicality. Our advice to instrumentalists and singers : Sing along !


As said earlier, MelodEar is not just a device but a whole musical approach.
There is a couple of subtleties about how to work that you need to be aware of in order to get meaningful and consistant results.
There is also a great variety of uses and exercises to develop different/complementary skills.

We did not want you to miss all that : so our tutorial pack comes with the purchase of MeloDear !


On top of the improvisation skills mentioned earlier, consistant work with the tutorial pack will help you improve significantly your :

. pitch accuracy
. vocal & brain agility
. awareness of notes’ colors
. harmonic ear
. mastery of intervals and reading music
. ability to create, develop and play with melodic patterns
. musical discourse and melodic creativity

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