10 years existence and more than 150 vocal workshops have made David Eskenazy a solid reference in the field of VOCAL IMPROVISATION, VOCAL JAZZ, CIRCLE SONG AND GROUP SINGING. 

… in and around the region of Montpellier (Languedoc-Roussillon), in the South of France, where we are based, but also in PARIS, LONDON, BRUXELLES… 

You will discover on our website every detail on our activity. We offer VOCATIONAL TRAINING with a set of rich and complete themes for established singers wishing to acquire practical skills and a fundamental understanding musical language, but also AMATEUR TRAINING, with courses aimed at non-professionals who already have a vocal and musical background : 

Circle song workshops : a lively investigation of group vocal improv. 

Training « the language of vocal improv » : a structured musical language for vocal improv. 

Group Coaching : work on the heart of your project.

Interventions in schools, vocal and jazz festivals… 

Private Skype lessons : a corework on vocal improvisation, composition, musical writing, musical theory. 


As a vocalist and improviser, David offers singers an array of techniques to express and play with musical ideas. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, upright bass, percussion and piano), his approach to singing is instrumental, which equips his improvisation with both structure and precision. Last but not least, as a composer, he undertakes a real study of Form and the development of a musical idea using improvisation.

This cross-disciplinary profile enriches the workshops, training and courses with a unique approach and awealth of experience.


Come and discover this deep musical and relational experience !

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